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SecurEnvoy Tokenless Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Authenticating with two factors – without the need for a plastic token

SecurEnvoy is the original inventor of tokenless® two-factor authentication, providing users with convenient, strong authentication at a fraction of the cost of hardware token alternatives.

SecurEnvoy users benefit from a significantly reduced time to deploy and zero footprint approach. There is no remote software deployment, and administrators can use the management tools to rapidly deploy up to 15,000 users per hour.

See SecurEnvoy Tokenless Two-factor Authentication in action:

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Tokenless Two-factor Authentication is both more secure and more cost effective than using traditional Tokens:

* No more security tokens or other devices to deploy or manage
* No software or certificates for end users to install
* Very little effort to implement and virtually no ongoing support
* Minimal user training – better user experience

Infosec Cloud

secure-envoy-medAs an elite SecurEnvoy partner we negotiate the most competitive pricing, offer superior technical support, and if required a fully managed cloud service.

Over 500 major corporations, government organizations and charities worldwide rely on Infosec Cloud to keep them secure.

Visit our SecurEnvoy USA online store to check our prices, email or call (305) 423 7020

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A world without tokens

Strong tokenless two-factor authentication for remote access - simply use personal devices as the authenticator.

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